Pav & Broome Diamond Jewelers :60 Commercial (2007)


Pav & Broome Diamond Jewelers :60 Commercial


Fun Fact: The original Pav & Broome store at the beginning of the spot is almost a complete visual effects recreation! Although we shot at the location of the original store, the sign was a 3D recreation match-moved to the camera move, and the interior was shot in a vacant store. The actors and the de-aged owners were standing in front of flats that had been painted to recreate the wallpaper from decades before. Empty walls were filled with the same wallpaper look in post-production, and photographs of display cabinets from the original store were used to create the authentic store interior from decades prior.

Fun Fact #2: The spot opens on the couple running inside to escape rain, which was computer generated. But in real life, we were on top of a production van, scrambling to shoot as a dangerously strong storm front – complete with strong winds, tornadoes and lots of lightening – was quickly approaching!