• john-michael scanlon

    Multimedia swiss army knife?

    Followed my muse. Jettisoned the suit n' tie marketing-guy life. Dove into the creative work I love so much.

    Digignite Studios (Dij•ignite... like digital so hot it's on fi-yah) was born as a bricks n' mortar studio on the Gulf Coast, primarily juggling the video production, motion-graphics/VFX, web & print design needs of local ad agencies & casino clients.

    Hurricane Katrina then turned Digignite Studios into a "digital" studio that followed me to a new California home. I'm profoundly grateful for my awesome clients, who stayed with me in my travels, including a few fun international adventures!

    Work philosophy? Making work my play and playing hard (okay, taking the occasional beach break, but darn it, then I jump back in and give each project my best).

    I enjoy challenging myself by bringing new tech and new techniques into projects, intentionally holding onto a "beginner's mind." Fortunately for me, my clients always seem confident I'll pull everything off well, like some kind of multimedia Swiss Army knife.

    Creating content for cherished clients is something I love, but lately I've been burning the midnight oil to reach the long-term goal that drew me to media production in the first place: developing film & television projects that entertain... while hopefully helping make the world a slightly more compassionate place for us all to thrive in.

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fun n' gaming

a few cherished current & past clients

Whether it's creating "fantasatic reality" tv commercials featuring sword fighting pirates and Hollywood magic, responsive web design & development (IslandViewCasino.com) or branding, logos and all print & web media for a dynamic biomedical company (Republic Spine), my media production journey has been an absolute blast so far and I'm enormously grateful to every client I've had the pleasure of co-creating with, including...









republic spine

launch branding • design • multimedia production
logo designrspine.com design & dev • package design • print & collateral design • macro-videography & photography

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the cinema gym

every month, a new "actor's director" workshop scene

An amazing learning experience. While in a UCLA Film/TV "Directing Actors" class, instructor Alex D'Lerma told me about his weekly actor/director workout, "The Cinema Gym." Enjoyed the workshop and Alex's mentorship on directing actors so much I stuck around for seven years!

Each director works with two actors, casting, rehersing, shooting, editing & screening a scene each month to stay "in shape" and hone skills as an "actor's director."

75 minutes to prep, light & shoot each scene to simulate the stesses of production.

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    Comedy • 2018 • 4:54
    (My wife Nimz' acting debut ;-)

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    "In Treatment"

    Drama • 2019 • 4:27

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    Drama • 2015 • 3:43

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    Drama • 2013 • 3:43
    (Bad cam focus but strong performance!)

love my day job

short fun • blasts from the past • big concepts • modest budgets (mostly)

I'd do so much of this work differently now, but gotta love the big-swing effort I gave 'em

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    Short Film • 2021 • 4 min
    Writer • Director • Actor • Editor
    Z Cam E2-F6 • Irix Cine lenses
    (Shout out to my talented wife Nimz)

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    Rollin' like a ragdoll

    quick bite • 2021 • 20 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Kitten's straight up skateboard punk
    Z Cam E2-F6 • Irix 15mm

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    Tiny Train Town

    Short Fun • 2020 • 30 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Holiday season magic on Balboa Island
    Z Cam E2-F6 • Irix Cine lenses

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    Fear, Love & Agoraphobia

    Website • 2016
    Web design & development
    Alex D'Lerma Productions
    Met my beautiful bride while co-producing & data wrangling on this indie film

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    You, Me & One

    TV spot • 2018 • 30 secs
    Writer • Director • Cinematographer • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Pav & Broome

  • peppermint bark

    Cooking videos

    Facebook video series
    2018 • 1 to 2 min each
    Director • Cinematographer • Editor
    Island View Casino Resort

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    TV spot • 2003 • 30 secs
    Director • Co-Cinematographer • Editor
    Caesar's Indiana
    Trivia: Same camera used on Star Wars I.
    Endless thanks to film/tv mentor, creative guru Gardner Compton

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    "Insurance Party"

    Animated :60 TV • 2005
    Director • Art Director • Editor
    Denham Law Firm
    Thanks Shane! (animation "gels")

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    Diggin' up rocks

    TV Spot • 2017 • 30 secs
    Motion-graphics/Animation • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Pav & Broome

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    Penn Gaming reel

    Director • Motion-graphics • Editor
    Hollywood Casino Tunica
    Years of fun going by in seconds.

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    Casino Magic

    TV spot • :30 secs
    Creator • Director • Producer • Song Writer (Lyrics & Melody)
    Casino Magic Bay St. Louis
    Huge budget! Thanks Dick Ford, Hummingbird & CAVU!

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    Through the Years

    TV spot • 2007 • 60 secs
    Director • Cinematographer • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Pav & Broome
    Thanks Shane (vfx) & Mollie!

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    Jack Palance • Buffet

    TV spot • 2002 • 30 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Adventure Communications /
    Boomtown Casino Biloxi
    Thanks Jim & Francisco!

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    Jack Palance • Slots

    TV spot • 2002 • 30 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Adventure Communications /
    Boomtown Casino Biloxi
    More awesome Jack stories :-D

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    Neuro-spinal care

    TV Spot • 30 secs
    Writer • Director • VFX • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Garden Park Med Ctr
    Geez, such ground-breaking 3D animation for local tv at that time!

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    TV Spot • 2004 • 30 secs
    Writer • Director • Cinematographer • Editor • VFX
    Copa Casino
    First time using Maya 3D!

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    Al Fresco

    TV Spot • 30 secs
    Writer •  Director • Editor • VFX
    Al Fresco Italian Bistro, Ocean Springs, MS
    Thanks autotune! :-D

deeply grateful to all who help make my life an ongoing adventurous passion project.

thank you

not quite ready to say goodbye?

If you'd like to talk about potential media projects, or just make fun of my 70's lookin' quarantine hair, reach out!

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