• john-michael scanlon

    transmedia storyworld builder

    Followed my muse.
    Tossed away the suit n' tie.
    Dove head-first into the creative work I love.

    Digignite Studios (Dij•ignite) was once a bricks n' mortar biz on the Gulf Coast, where my team and I focused on meeting the video production, motion-graphics, web & print design needs of ad agencies & casinos.

    A hurricane instantly transformed that business into a "virtual studio" that followed me to California and to wherever my lovely wife & I adventure-travel.

    "If you're not busy being born, you're busy dying," so I challenge myself to be a multimedia swiss army knife, bringing new tech & techniques into projects while holding on to a "beginner's mind."

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fun n' gaming

a few current & past clients

From "fantasatic reality" tv spots with sword fighting pirates to responsive web design & development, my media production journey has been an absolute blast so far and I'm enormously grateful to every client I've had the pleasure of co-creating with, including...









republic spine • branding & launch

logo designrspine.com design & dev • package design • print & collateral design • macro-videography & photography

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video • motion-graphics • web design & devprint design

big visual concepts with modest budgets (mostly)
and a few recent quick n' fun personal projects.

Once upon a time, the vast bulk of my work was creating magic-in-motion, capturing the impossible on video. Hella fun to take that dare then deliver every time! Miss it so much. hmmmm. stay tuned.

playin' with gear • workin' the craft

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    shooting at the eclipse

    Youtube/Vimeo Reel • 2024 • 24 secs
    Shot, Cut n' Color
    Fujifilm X-H2s • Zeiss 300mm
    Sound: The Runaway Club's "Shooting at the Moon"

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    wonder dynamics test

    Live action/animation • 2023 • 5 secs
    Fujifilm X-H2s • WonderDynamics
    Exploring AI tool that animates, lights & composes CG characters into live-action scenes

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    dream-look test shoot

    2023 • 32 secs
    Z Cam F6 • Pinhole/no lens!
    Exploring techniques for a short film I was directing

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    Short Film for a contest • 2021 • 4 min
    Writer • Director • Actor • Editor
    Z Cam E2-F6 • Irix Cine lenses
    7 days from spark to finished shoot!
    Shout out to my wife Nimz: dream-gal, camera operator & solo crew

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    rollin' like a ragdoll

    Quick bite • 2021 • 20 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Kitten's straight up skateboard punk
    Z Cam E2-F6 • Irix 15mm

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    tiny train town

    Short Fun • 2020 • 30 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Holiday season magic on Balboa Island
    Z Cam E2-F6 • Irix Cine lenses

playing for a living

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    "fear, love & agoraphobia

    Website • 2016
    Web design & development
    Alex D'Lerma Productions
    Met my beautiful bride while co-producing & data wrangling on this indie film

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    you, me & one

    TV spot • 2018 • 30 secs
    Writer • Director • Cinematographer • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Pav & Broome

  • peppermint bark

    cookin' up social media

    Facebook video series
    2018 • 1 to 2 min each
    Director • Cinematographer • Editor
    Island View Casino Resort

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    TV spot • 2003 • 30 secs
    Director • Co-Cinematographer • Editor
    Caesar's Indiana
    Trivia: Same camera used on Star Wars I.
    Endless thanks to film/tv mentor, creative guru Gardner Compton

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    "insurance party"

    Animated :60 TV • 2005
    Director • Art Director • Editor
    Denham Law Firm
    Thanks Shane! (animation "gels")

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    diggin' up rocks

    TV Spot • 2017 • 30 secs
    Motion-graphics/Animation • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Pav & Broome

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    penn gaming reel

    Director • Motion-graphics • Editor
    Hollywood Casino Tunica
    Years of fun going by in seconds.

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    casino magic

    TV spot • :30 secs
    Creator • Director • Producer • Song Writer (Lyrics & Melody)
    Casino Magic Bay St. Louis
    Huge budget! Thanks Dick Ford, Hummingbird & CAVU!

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    through the years

    TV spot • 2007 • 60 secs
    Director • Cinematographer • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Pav & Broome
    Thanks Shane (vfx) & Mollie!

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    jack palance • buffet

    TV spot • 2002 • 30 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Adventure Communications /
    Boomtown Casino Biloxi
    Thanks Jim & Francisco!

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    jack palance • slots

    TV spot • 2002 • 30 secs
    Cinematographer • Editor
    Adventure Communications /
    Boomtown Casino Biloxi
    More awesome Jack stories :-D

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    neuro-spinal care

    TV Spot • 30 secs
    Writer • Director • VFX • Editor
    Ad2 Inc. • Garden Park Med Ctr
    Geez, such ground-breaking 3D animation for local tv at that time!

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    TV Spot • 2004 • 30 secs
    Writer • Director • Cinematographer • Editor • VFX
    Copa Casino
    First time using Maya 3D!

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    al fresco

    TV Spot • 30 secs
    Writer •  Director • Editor • VFX
    Al Fresco Italian Bistro, Ocean Springs, MS
    Thanks autotune! :-D

the cinema gym

every month, a new "actor's director" workshop scene

Loved Alex D'Lerma's "The Cinema Gym" workshop for actors and directors so much I stuck around for seven years!

Every month, each director worked with two actors, with a casting session, rehersal and a shoot before the scene was screened for all the actors & directors the final week. On production day, each director only had 75 minutes to block, light & shoot their scene!

What a fun & challenging way to hone skills as an "actor's director." Thank you Alex!

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    Comedy • 2018 • 4:54
    (My wife Nimz' acting debut ;-)

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    "in treatment"

    Drama • 2019 • 4:27

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    Drama • 2015 • 3:43

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    Drama • 2013 • 3:43

    Apologies for the Jason Bourne-level shaky-cam & focus pull challenges LOL! No rehearsal or prep time for this lil' workshop scene so blocking was quickly improvised. The performances though – wow! Talk about authentically living in the moment – bravo!

deeply grateful to all who help make my life an ongoing adventurous passion project.

thank you

not quite ready to say goodbye?

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or maybe you have video or motion-graphic project in mind?

feel free to reach out!

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